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We are proud to introduce to you, the Enagic E-Friends!!
E-Friends is created as a tool for our distributors to keep up with current events and new announcements.

You will be able to read very interesting stories about distributors who use and distribute our products, see pictures from Enagic events, and receive motivational advice. We also include very detailed questions and answers from our own Medical Advisor Dr. Filtzer. Each month will be better than the next, so don’t miss out!!


Jan 2020
Feb 2020
March 2020
April 2020
May 2020
June 2020
July 2020
August 2020
September 2020


E-Friends Dec 2019
E-Friends November 2019
E-Friends October 2019
E-Friends Sept 2019
E-Friends Aug 2019
E-Friends Jul 2019
E-Friends June 2019
E-Friends May 2019
E-Friends April 2019
E-Friends March 2019
E-Friends Feb 2019
E-Friends Jan 2019


E-Friends Dec 2018
E-Friends Nov 2018
E-Friends Oct 2018
E-Friends Sept 2018
E-Friends Aug 2018
E-Friends July 2018
E-Friends June 2018
E-Friends May 2018
E-Friends April 2018
E-Friends March 2018
E-Friends Feb 2018
E-Friends Jan 2018
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