1. 10 Working Days Commission Payments.

All commissions but not limited to direct and indirect sales will be released not more than ten (10) working days from the date of purchased.

2. Terms & Conditions of Commission Payments.

Enagic® will release the commission according to the Commission Charts; Single Payment, Installment Plan, EPP & DCR and E-Payment towards the direct sponsor and upline(s) not more than ten (10) working days following the transaction (date of purchased) providing that below conditions are met:

  • Enagic® has received complete documentations in regards to the application;
  • Once the application has been registered; and
  • Once the machine has been collected and/or released.

Enagic® will not release the commissions, to any distributor if the conditions below are not met:

  • Incorrect sponsor’s information provided;
  • Documentations provided is not clear;
  • If a consignment unit is not registered; or
  • Machine has not been collected and/or released from either Enagic® Kuala Lumpur Office or Enagic® Kota Kinabalu Office.

An Enagic® distributor shall lose all the privileges and will not be entitled and eligible for any commission or bonuses once the cancellation request has been accepted and processed. He/She is also not entitled to receive any commission should there is no direct sales for more than two (2) years from the previous direct sales made.