It is vastly important for Enagic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd to remain compliance to the Law of Malaysia. As such, each distributor and Authorized Service Centre Directors are required to adhere by Enagic Policies & Procedures.
Enagic Trademarks, Trade Names and Service Marks are sole propriety of Enagic and distributor is not allowed to use such marks without prior approval. Distributor are required to fill up the Approved Materials Certificate for such request.
Failure to comply could result in the infringement and passing-off of Trademarks under the Trade Marks Act 1976 and Enagic reserves the rights to take any disciplinary actions based on Article #40 – Disciplinary Actions.

Send ‘Approved Materials’ request to:

Authorization Number Product Issued
NC-20160722-01 Name Card 22nd July, 2016
EB-20160722-01 Banner 22nd July, 2016
OT-20160722-01 Others 22nd July, 2016
EB-20160803-01 Banner 3rd Aug, 2016
NC-20160803-01 Name Card 3rd Aug, 2016
EB-20160803-02 Banner 3rd Aug, 2016
EB-20160812-01 Banner 12th Aug, 2016
NC-20160812-01 (REVOKED) Name Card 12th Aug, 2016
EB-20160812-02 Banner 12th Aug, 2016
OT-20160812-01 Others 12th Aug, 2016
EB-20160812-03 Banner 12th Aug, 2016
GS-20160812-01 Banner 12th Aug, 2016
NC-20160812-02 Name Card 12th Aug, 2016
EB-20160812-04 Banner 12th Aug, 2016
EB-20160812-05 Banner 12th Aug, 2016
OT-20160812-02 Others 12th Aug, 2016
LT-20160816-01 (REVOKED) Leaflet 16th Aug, 2016
EB-20160818-01 Banner 18th Aug, 2016
PR-20180818-01 Poster 18th Aug, 2016
OT-20160823-01 Other 23rd Aug, 2016
PR-20160823-01 Poster 23rd Aug, 2016
OT-20160823-02 Other 23rd Aug, 2016
OT-20160823-03 Other 23rd Aug, 2016
 LT-20160823-01 Leaflet 23rd Aug, 2016
 EB-20160913-01 Banner 13th Sept, 2016
 OT-20160913-01 (REVOKED) Other 13th Sept, 2016
 NC-20160913-01 Name Card 14th Sept, 2016
  OT-20160929-01 Other  12th Jan, 2017
  EB-20160929-01  Banner 12th Jan, 2017
 TS-20161115-01 T-Shirt  12th Jan, 2017
 NC-20161115-01  Name Card  12th Jan, 2017
 OT-20170203-01 (REVISED) Other  3rd Feb, 2017
 NC-20170315-01 Name Card 15th Mar, 2017
 EB-20170315-01 Banner 15th Mar, 2017
 TS-20170315-01 T-Shirt 15th Mar, 2017
 LT-20170406-01 Leaflet 6th Apr, 2017
 NC-20170614-01 Name Card 14th June, 2017
 OT-20170713-01 Others 13th July, 2017
 OT-20170728-01 Others 28th July, 2017
 EB-20170801-01 Banner 01st August, 2017
 OT-20171206-01 Others 06th December, 2017
OT-20171206-02  Others 06th December, 2017
OT-20171206-03  Others 06th December, 2017
LT-20171214-01 Leaflet 14th December, 2017
NC-20171214-01 Name Card 14th December, 2017
OT-20180322-01 Others 22nd March, 2018
NC-20180322-01  Name Card 22nd March, 2018
 OT-20180322-02  Others  22nd March, 2018
 NC-20180322-02   Name Card  22nd March, 2018
 OT-20180420-01 Others 20th April, 2018
 NC-20180420-01 Name Card 20th April, 2018
NC-20180530-01 Name Card 30th May, 2018
EB-20180920-01 Banner 20th September, 2018
NC-20180920-01 Name Card 20th September, 2018
TS-20181127-01 T-Shirt 27th November, 2018
EB-20181207-01 Banner 07th December, 2018
OT-20181207-01 Others 07th December, 2018
OT-20181207-02 Others 07th December, 2018