02 Apr 19

NOTICE | Authority Card

Hi Valued Distributors, In accordance to Direct Sales Act 1993, any person who negotiates door-to-door sales should indicate their 'Authority Card' to prospective buyer. Effectively on April 1st onward, 'Authority…

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26 Mar 19

NOTICE | Privacy Notice

Hi Valued Distributors, Enagic Malaysia is NOT ALLOWED to disclose any information; personal/sensitive data of an individual or entity towards third party in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act…

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05 Mar 19

NOTICE | Commission Chart (Single Payment)

Hi Valued Distributors, Enagic Malaysia has revised the Commission Chart (Single Payment) figures today in which gives significant changes to the Educational Bonus's value. These changes only affected SD501 and…

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13 Feb 19

NOTICE | E-Payment Guarantor (Section B)

Hi Valued Distributors, Enagic requires gurantor's NRIC to be placed in the section provided under Section B. Enagic shall not accept any submission that indicates otherwise. Thank you Enagic (Malaysia)…

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