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By the virtue of Article 8 of Enagic’s Policies & Procedures and Section 35 and 48 of Trade Mark Act 1976, we as the registered proprietor of trademarks; “KANGEN WATER”, “ENAGIC”, “LEVELUK” and “ANESPA” in Classes 7, 11, 32 and 35 throughout the world including Malaysia, we hereby exercise our rights over the use of the trademarks and demands each distributor to obtain approval to use our marks in any form.

Failure to do, will result in disciplinary actions in accordance to Article 40 of Enagic’s Policies & Procedures.

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Do fill up Approved Materials Certificate Form and submission can be made to
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License Number Category Date of Issuance
OT-20171206-01 Others 06 December 2017
OT-20171206-02 Others 06 December 2017
OT-20171206-03 Others 06 December 2017
NC-20171214-01 Name Card 14December 2017
OT-20190417-01 Others 17 April 2019
OT-20190417-02 Others 17 April 2019
OT-20190417-03 Others 17 April 2019
NC-20190426-01 Name Card 26 April 2019
NC-20180420-01 Name Card 20 April 2018
OT-20180420-01 Others 20 April 2018
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