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Compliance – Regulations

Dear Valued Distributors, Kindly be informed that we have updated the information under 'Regulations' section which includes below: Trade Mark Act 1976 Medicine (Advertisement & Sale) Act 1956 Food Act 1983 Enagic Policies & Procedures Personal Data Protection Act 2010 It…

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Legal Issue

Please be requested to refrain from uploading any comment regarding the DG FB or any other related issue. Some distributor has made comments on his/her FB with particulars name which may cause a legal issue between Enagic Malaysia and the party…

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Strong Reminder

Please be reminded that Enagic does not allow following act. Discount sales Medical claim of Enagic Products Enagic will take action including but not limited to  SUSPENSION and/or TERMINATION of account if found to be violating above policy. Let’s Unify…

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Approved Materials

Enagic Trademarks, Trade Names and Service Marks are sole propriety of Enagic and distributor is prohibited to use such marks in any manner without prior approval. These marks are of great value to the Company and are supplied to distributors for distributor use only…

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