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The Enagic Independent Distributor Logo For Download

The Enagic Independent Distributor Logo for Download

Dear Valued Distributors,

Thank you for being a valued Enagic distributor. Welcome to our expansive Enagic family! The Enagic distributor logo was developed for distributors for use in their day-to-day promotional activities to identify yourself as an Enagic Independent Distributor. We welcome your positive, proactive use of the Enagic distributor logo to spread the transformational Triple True Health message of Enagic!

Please spread the words to your group to drive awareness and usage as required while Enagic promotes Enagic® Distributor Logo via our corporate websites, social medias, and direct email communication to our Enagic distributors.

  • Alteration to the logo in design or in any physical form and usage is strictly prohibited.
  • Any design made which surrounds the logo that may mislead the viewer (an altered design from the original design) is strictly prohibited.
  • This policy is in effect immediately. We expect your diligent compliance with the Distributor Logo policy and any prohibited usage will lead to disciplinary action.

Enagic Policies and Procedures (Modified Contents)

Article 8.3
The Company does not permit the use of its copyrights, designs, logos, trade names, trademarks, etc. without its prior written permission. Independent distributors may not use the Company logo in marketing or sales materials. Independent Distributors may only use the Distributor Logo specifically developed to demonstrate their status as an official “Enagic Independent Distributor”. The Distributor Logo can be downloaded in the Distributor section of the Company website and may only be used by the Independent Distributor in their Distributorship. Trademarked terms such as Kangen Water® and Change Your Water… Change Your Life.® should be appropriately annotated. In addition to general prohibitions on use of the Company trademarks or logos, the Company specifically prohibits the use of Company trademarks or logos in conjunction with the sale of any other non-Company products.

We refer to the notification dated on June 16th, 2016, February 7th, 2017 and Compliance Section – Approved Materials

Latest amended documentations:

You may refer to below link to download the Distributor Logo.

If you have any queries on the above, kindly call our Compliance Executive Officer at 03-2282 2332.

Your kind understanding and continued support of Enagic is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd

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