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E-Payment Guarantee Agreement

Dear Valued Distributors,

Kindly be informed that E-Payment Guarantee Agreement have been changed as a result of E-Payment Guarantor Meeting with the 6A Rank Leaders which was held recently. The 6A Rank Leaders have requested to add the following and such changes shall take place effectively NOW:

“This E-Payment Guarantee Agreement is effective on the date of signature by following parties:
Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as “Enagic”)

  1. Following signature of client (hereinafter to as “Debtor”), the name and the NRIC number show under signature part of this Agreement.
  2. Following signature of Direct Sponsor, Sponsor’s upline and 6A rank Distributor (hereinafter referred to as “Guarantor”), the name and the NRIC number show under signature part of this agreement.
  3. Considering Debtor is going to register as distributor in Enagic and distributor of product, Guarantors agree to comply with the following agreement and condition:

Guarantors confirm and agree that if the Debtor is failed to settle the installment more than 3 months, Guarantors will settle all the rest balance to Enagic and allow Enagic to offset against commission and/or bonuses which you may be entitled to.

Note: All the documentations need to be filled up completely. Enagic reserves the right to reject such request should any of the documentation has not been filled up completely.

Latest E-Payment documentations:

If you have any queries on the above, kindly call our Customer Service Officer at 03-2282 2332.

Your kind understanding and continued support of Enagic is greatly appreciated.

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