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Knock-Off Products

Dear Valued Distributors,

Please be aware that numerous knock-off filters are currently being promoted online. Although these filters may appear to be similar to the high-quality filters that Enagic produces (in Osaka Factory), they are in fact of foreign origin and maybe with a lower quality. Any non-Enagic-produced filter used in an Enagic-manufactured machine will invalidate the warranty. Do not take any chance with imitation filters!

The above is also applicable to both; liquid and powder electrolysis enhancer, hoping to induce innocent Enagic owners to buy their wares. These knock-off products will invalidate the warranty of Enagic-manufactured machines.

Only trust authentic, Enagic-approved materials

To protect your gold-standard Enagic machines, only trust authentic, Enagic-approved materials for your electrolysis machine.

Thank you
Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd

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