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Compliance – Regulations

Dear Valued Distributors,

Kindly be informed that we have updated the information under ‘Regulations’ section which includes below:

  • Trade Mark Act 1976
  • Medicine (Advertisement & Sale) Act 1956
  • Food Act 1983
  • Enagic Policies & Procedures
  • Personal Data Protection Act 2010

It is advisable for Distributors to read such articles to have better understanding of the limitations and constraints that have been enacted under the law. Such information has been made available to Distributors in order for Distributors to avoid misconduct while pursuing Enagic and Kangen Water™ business which can also be considered to be contravention to the enactment of the law.

To have access to the full articles, you may click

If you have any queries on the above, kindly call contact our Compliance Officer at 03-2282 2332.

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