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PROMO | Purchase With Purchase! (PWP)

PROMO | Purchase with Purchase! (PWP)

Wait! What?! Enagic is offering PWP for the first time?
Get your Enagic Filter at a reduced price when you buy the Enagic machine in the month of July 2022! On top of that, it comes with a complimentary Deep Cleaning Service.
It is important to change your filter every 6000 liters of use. Filtration quality drops significantly after the lifespan of the filter has passed. Enagic filter is designed to remove chlorine, rust, lead, odors, and unwanted substances in your water.
What would happen if you failed to do so when it is required? The water pH level may be affected and the water might contain chlorine and other substances that make the water less suitable for drinking, food preparation, and healthy cooking.
Don’t forget to do your Deep Cleaning yearly. It helps to prevent the calcification of Enagic plates and extend the lifespan of your machine.
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