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Payment Before 1st June 2018 Are Subject To 6% GST.

Payment before 1st June 2018 are subject to 6% GST.

Dear Valued distributors,

Please take note that according to GST regulation & legislation, all payments made before 1st June 2018 are still subject to 6% GST(no matter part payment or full payment), so if your customer already make payment, and have not submitted the sales registration yet as at 21st May 2018, but wanted to hold the registration after 1st June 2018, for such situation they can request us to make refund before 28th May 2018, any such refund request after 28th May 2018 will not be entertained.

Customer made payment RM6,800.00 on 21/05/2018,this RM6,800 are subject to 6% GST RM384.90,

This customer submits sales and register machine Leveluk SD501(Selling price RM12,000) on 02/06/2018, then this customer needs to made balance payment RM12,000-6800+384.9=RM5,584.90.

Trust the above explanation is clear, should you need further clarification please call to our office at 03-2282 2332.

Thank you
Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd

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