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NEW DOCUMENTATIONS: GST Zero-rated Effective On June, 2018

NEW DOCUMENTATIONS: GST Zero-rated effective on June, 2018

Dear Valued Distributors,

Enagic® (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has revised most of its documentations (May 31st, 2018) as announced by the government pertaining to the Good and Service Tax (GST) recently. All the pricing has been revised with zero-rated of GST and distributors are required to utilize the revised version immediately.

Revised Documentations comprises of:

  • Product Application Form;
  • Bank Account Change & Update Form;
  • Change of User to Distributor Form;
  • Distributor Information Change Form;
  • Registration (Country) Change Form;
  • Good Samaritan (Tokurei) Agreement Form;
  • Cancellation of Good Samaritan (Tokurei) Agreement Form;
  • Consignment Agreement Form;
  • Consignment Machine Return Form;
  • Enagic Bank Account Details;
  • Machine Pricelist;
  • Dummy Machines Pricelist;
  • Extended Warranty
  • Machine Repair Instruction;
  • Machine Repair Form;
  • Machine Upgrade Form;
  • Loaner Machine Request Form;
  • Tax Invoice Billing Name Authorization Form;
  • Supply Order Form;
  • Free Gifts Claim Form;
  • MPOS Device Request Form;
  • Seminar Rook Booking Form;
  • Privacy Contact Form;
  • Consent Authorization Form (Third Party);
  • E-Payment Application Form;
  • Trade Shows Application Form;
  • Authorized Service Centre Application Form;
  • Approved Materials Certificate Form;
  • Discounted Price for Authorized Service Centre;
  • Cancellation of Distributorship or User;
  • Sales Cancellation & Goods Return Application Form; and
  • Commission Charts (Single Payment, Credit Card Installment Plan, EPP & DCR and E-Payment)

You may obtain these documentations from Enagic®’s Official Website; and from Enagic® KL (Malaysia) Office.

Thank you
Enagic® (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd


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