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Visits from Food Safety Quality Division (Ministry of Health)

Kindly be informed Enagic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has received visits from Food Safety Quality Division (Ministry of Health) recently. The officers are requesting for the list of Enagic Malaysia distributors.

The concern for the visits were the medical claims or statements made and produced by the distributors in any form of advertisement; brochures, pamphlets and websites.

Such acts are strictly against the company policies and relevant law of the Government.

The ministry officers will be conducting investigations and surveillances on the brochures and websites which may have violated the company policies and law of the Government. The selling of water is still consider as a violation of the law.

The ministry officers will be working together with Enagic to control and take any necessary actions to those who have violated the law. We would strongly advice our distributors to cease such activities; producing, manufacturing and change the content of the advertisements and to stop the selling the Kangen Water immediately.

Please be reminded to those distributors who deem to violate the rules will be constituted for discipline, commission suspension and/or termination of Agreement or any action that may deem to be permitted and allowed under the Malaysia Law.

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