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Internet & Website Policy € Prohibitions Of Sales On Unauthorised Internet Sites

Internet & Website Policy – Prohibitions of sales on unauthorised internet sites

Dear Valued Distributors,

DSAM initiative to combat unauthorised sales on internet sites.

Enagic prohibits any of our distributors from selling or promoting Company products through electronic transactions. Company does not hesitate to take disciplinary actions and have taken further initiative to combat such activity.

For your information, DSAM had several meetings with Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (“MDTCA”) and relevant personnel within MDTCA on above issue.

Consequently, MDTCA had took steps in removing Direct Selling products from non-authorised sellers. The most recent action was the publishing of the ‘Seller’s Guide for e-Commerce Business’ in the end May 2019. 

However, despite the above guidelines, the problem still persist.

Enagic will provide further information to DSAM in regards to this matter. All the information gathered by Enagic and other Direct Sellers will be submitted to the Minister and Enforcement Division of MDTCA for appropriate actions in accordance with the Guidelines of DSAPS against the sellers and th e platform providers.

Thank you
Enagic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

M initiative to combat unauthorised sales on internet sites.

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