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Buyer Beware Policy

Buyer Beware Policy

Enagic is proud of its reputation as a maker of long-lasting, quality water electrolysis devices.

We are committed to provide highest quality products at all times to our customers. We strongly advise customers to refrain from making purchases through unknown resellers. There are individuals and entities (which are not authorized by Enagic) that advertise and sell Enagic products through online sites such as Lazada,, 11 Street and etc.

Avoid making mistakes from purchasing Enagic products through these unknown resellers and online sites due to the following risks: 

  • The products may be defective, damaged and counterfeit products;
  • The products may have been used before;
  • The products may not be even registered under your own name;
  • The products are not covered by Enagic’s Warranty;
  • Any warranty offered by unauthorized reseller has no value with Enagic; and
  • You will be deprived from any benefits that you may entitled for.

It is part of your responsibility as a customer to always ensure that you are purchasing from an authorized dealer (also known as ‘Enagic Distributor’). Do adhere to the following steps before placing any order:

  1. Always inquire for the Distributor’s full name and ID number; a valid Distributor ID should consist of 7 digits.
  2. Customer are required to fill up the Product Application Form and provide NRIC’s copy (front & back) for the registration;
  3. After the registration completed, a warranty card will be issued under the buyer’s name as per NRIC and Distributor ID consists of 7 digits will be provided among with other information; warranty period, date of purchase, serial number and etc.
  4. You shall receive an official invoice issued by Enagic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Benefits of purchasing Enagic products through Authorized Distributors:

  • Product purchased is a definite brand-new product;
  • Product purchased is accompanied with Authorized Warranty from Enagic; and
  • You are entitled for any benefits that Enagic may offer.

If you have any uncertainty, feel free to contact us at +603-2282 2332.

Best regards,
Enagic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

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