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Prohibition On Raiding And Cross-Solicitation Of Products Or Other MLM And/or Business Opportunities

Prohibition on Raiding and Cross-Solicitation of Products or Other MLM and/or Business Opportunities

Enagic is proud of its reputation as a one of the leading company in Direct Selling Industry.

We would like to take this opportunity to warn all leaders about the Enagic’s Policies & Procedures on Prohibition on Raiding and Cross-Solicitation of Products or Other MLM and/or Business Opportunities (Article 24). As you know, Enagic’s Policies & Procedures prohibits Distributors from engaging in any recruiting or promotion activity that targets Company distributors for opportunities or products of other direct selling companies or business opportunities, either directly or indirectly, by themselves or in conjunction with others, nor shall a distributor participate, directly or indirectly, in interference, raiding or solicitation activity of Company distributor for other direct selling companies or business opportunities.

Distributors may not as well engage in the representation or sale of any water treatment systems, water filtration or alkaline water conversion products that are similar with Enagic in accordance to Article 13 – Prohibition on Affiliation with Other Water Treatment Marketing Companies.

In order to protect the livelihood of its sales forces and the hard work invested to build a sales organization Company will not hesitate to take disciplinary actions in accordance to Article 40 – Disciplinary Actions:

  • Issuance of a written warning or admonition or admonition;
  • Imposition of fine, which may be imposed immediately or withheld from future commission checks; and/or
  • Reassignment of all or part of a distributor’s organization; and/or
  • Freezing of commissions for an indefinite period; and/or
  • Suspension, which may result in termination or reinstatement with conditions or restrictions; and/or
  • Termination of the distributorship

Our efforts alone are not enough to deter the such activity. While Enagic taking effort towards stopping this unauthorized activity, using various reporting and investigative methods, your support as an Enagic leader is needed, to make sure your downline Distributors – especially new Distributors coming into the business – understand that such activity is not acceptable, can jeopardize another Distributors’ business and will not be tolerated. If you or your downline Distributors such scenario, please collect all the information you can and report it to our Compliance Executive at . Do not sell to them.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to help ensure that your downline Distributors comply with the Enagic’s Policies & Procedures. If you are aware of any Distributors who conduct such activities, please let them know the risks involved and ask them to stop.

The strength and success of the Enagic business is a collective effort between the Company and Distributors.

Best regards,
Enagic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

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