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Official Statement from Enagic Malaysia

Statement from Enagic Malaysia

Enagic is a 42 year old company started in Japan and it has been manufacturing and selling Kangen machines that produce “Kangen Water”.  Enagic Japan has been selling these machines to over 100 countries including Japan, USA, Malaysia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico and many countries in Europe.

Enagic Malaysia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enagic Japan and is tasked with the sales, distribution and service of Kangen machines in Malaysia.

Lately, there have been news articles that have alleged that Enagic Malaysia is involved in the sales of miracle water that can treat chronic illnesses.

Enagic Malaysia would like to clearly state that the company is only in the business of selling Kangen machines and do not sell “Kangen Water”.  Furthermore, Enagic does not make any claims that Kangen Water treats illnesses nor that it is a miracle water.

Enagic also prohibits our Independent Distributors from selling “Kangen Water” and/or making any claims that it will treat illnesses.

Enagic Malaysia strives to be in compliance with all Malaysian laws and have been taking action against those who ignore our policies with regards to selling “Kangen Water” and making any medical claims.

We have been keeping the Ministry of Health (MOH) updated on action taken against Independent Distributors who violate Malaysian laws and will continue working with MOH to encourage all our Independent Distributors to adhere to the laws of Malaysia.

Nick Nakao – Country Manager / Director of Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd

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