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NOTICE | Buyer Beware Policy – Imitation Products

NOTICE | Buyer Beware Policy – Imitation Products

Enagic is proud of its reputation as a maker of long-lasting, quality water electrolysis devices.

We are committed to provide highest quality products at all times to our customers. We strongly advise customers to refrain from making purchases which is not manufactured or sell by Enagic. There are individuals and entities (which are not authorized by Enagic) that advertise and sell Enagic ‘imitation’ or ‘counterfeit’ products; accessories which may be perceived as deceptive, misleading or immoral conduct or practices and may tarnish the reputation of the products, services of the company or the company itself.

Avoid making mistakes from purchasing Enagic products; accessories which are not manufactured or sell by Enagic due to the following risks: 

  • The products may be counterfeit products;
  • The products may not function as what it meant to be;
  • The products may cause harms to your machine(s) and/or yourself;
  • Any usage of unauthorized product will nullify Enagic’s Warranty; and
  • You may have to pay a fortune for fixing the machine(s) and/or yourself.


Benefits of purchasing authentic Enagic products: 

  • Product purchased is a definite authentic product; and
  • Product purchased definitely serves it purpose.

Kindly TAKE NOTE that, none of our products; accessories are covered by warranty and it is customers’ full responsibility once the products left our premise.

If you have any uncertainty, feel free to contact us at +603-2282 2332.

Best regards,
Enagic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

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