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New Terms & Conditions of Consignment Agreement

Dear Valued Distributors,

Kindly be informed that Terms & Conditions of Consignment Agreement have been changed as follow:

Effective Immediately; Consignment Agreement .

  • 1A to 4A Distributors could take 1 consignment unit with deposit and the due date has been extended to 2 weeks instead of 1 week.
  • 5A Distributors could take 1 consignment unit and the due date has been extended to 2 weeks as well. For Distributors who are planning to achieve 6A Rank within a month, maximum of 3 consignment units may be allowed and this is subject to approval by management/company, with the terms of having minimum number of group sales of 80 units.
  • 6A & Above Distributors could take 3 consignment units and the due date period has been extended to 1 month instead of 1 week.

Enagic Malaysia strictly prohibits customers to take consignment on behalf of other distributor’s/ applicant’s name on the form. For Distributors who would like to assign third party to collect the consignment on behalf, he/she must fill up the consignment machine pick up authorization or submit an authorization letter either by hand/email.

Should the consigned machine(s) is/are not able to be sold within the stipulated time. Enagic will require distributor to settle by one of the method below:

  1. Submit the registration and make the payment for the consignment machine(s)
  2. Return the consignment machine(s) to Enagic Malaysia
  • machine must be kept in a brand new condition
  • the Protective Seal has not been broken (Note: Machine with torn Protective Seal is considered used and sold)

Distributor who violated the Consignment rules will be served with Warning Letter. Enagic Malaysia reserves the rights to go against Distributor who ignores the warning letter, at any time to hold Distributor bonuses; 6A Bonuses, 8 Points Commission Bonus, blacklisted by the Company and consignment request will be rejected for 3 months.

Note* Deposit of RM 4000 for SD501, SD501-PT or K8; RM2000 for JRII, Leveluk R or Anespa will be incurred for each machine taken once the Distributors have been blacklisted.

If you have any queries on the above, kindly call our Customer Service Officer at 03-2282 2332.

Your kind understanding and continued support of Enagic is greatly appreciated.

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