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New Rule For Achieving 6A Rank

New Rule for Achieving 6A Rank

Dear Valued Distributors,

♣ Current Rule
⋅101tth unit(within 8-Point) makes a line.(excluding cancellation, up to 5 Tokurei registrations are allowed)

♣ New Rule
⋅101th unit(within 8-Point makes 6A lines. (excluding cancellations, up to 5 Tokurei registrations are allowed)
⋅Total sales value must exceed USD300,000 (cancellations and Tokurei do not count, Tokurei cancellations are counted)
(Applicable to distributors becoming 6A after in July for the achievement in June 2018)
Recognized as a 6A distributor the next month after the above 2 conditions are met.
You can make a 6A line with 101st unit sale(direct sale) as before. Ukon DD and E8PA card cannot make the first 6A line.

Achieving a rank of 6A will gain further significance with this new rule.
Distributors mainly selling SD501 will achieve 6A as before.

Incentives relating additional rule for achieving 6A
・Title incentive
Available with over 10 sales in the month qualifying for 6A. (3 Ukon DD=1 unit, up to 5 Tokurei are allowed)
Will receive full incentive even if UkonDD makes over 30% of total sales when total sales value exceeds USD300,000.
If not qualified for the incentive with less than 10 sales, you still have chance for the incentive with 15 or more sales in 2 months, or 20 or more sales in 3 months.

・Step-up Bonus
Difference between 101th sales are counted in the month qualifying for 6A.
If you already have over 101 sales by the month qualifying for 6A, you are qualified for Step 20($190) with 4 or more sales
within the month.

To check sales value in USD
We are now working on adding value in USD in Sales Reports and 6A Candidate List.

◇Special measures for June 2018 only
Distributors with over 85 sales at the end of May are entitled to become 6A with current rule, regardless of the total sales value.
In this case, 101th unit sale(direct sale) must be made for a 6A line by the end of June, and they will be recognized as a 6A in July.

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