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Consent Authorization Form & PDPA 2010

In accordance with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010, we are not able to disclose any information and personal data of an individual towards a third party. Enagic Malaysia is responsible to introduce and to take any appropriate procedural and technical steps to protect and safeguard your information from any unwanted scenario.

You are required to obtain a Consent Authorisation Form (THIRD PARTY)  and submit towards Enagic Malaysia.

Upon receiving such documentation, we will proceed to process your request accordingly. Should any of the existing and new procedural and technical steps have not been full filled, Enagic Malaysia reserves the rights to reject any demands and request as to comply with PDPA.

Enagic Malaysia would only request above once and it is applicable for as long as the Individual has not produce any official letter to contradict the authorization letter.

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