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Important Note from Enagic Malaysia

Important ! – March 21, 2016

1.We are informed that some distributors are talking about Cancer and/or other diseases during the course of promoting Enagic Kangen Machine.

As you all are aware, Enagic/Kangen Machine DO NOTcure any disease or sickness, and it is prohibited to declare that our machine cure any disease or sickness.

2.We are also informed that some distributors are encouraging to drink PH11.5, and Enagic only recommend to drink PH 7.0 to PH 9.5.

Enagic DO NOTrecommend drinking PH 11.5 and it can be very dangerous to human, and can cause serious health problem.

Enagic Malaysia require all distributors to adhere to above Enagic rules.

Violation of above rules may cause Enagic to take action against you or your group.

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