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Enagic Malaysia Payment Method

Dear Valued Distributors,

Enagic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd offers various payment methods towards the purchasers.

It comprises of payments via cheque, remittance and cash (SINGLE PAYMENT) through Enagic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd banking accounts; Public Bank & Hong Leong Bank. All the payment via cheque, remittance and cash through banking accounts need to be confirmed by Enagic® Accounts Department before any registration, collection and delivery can be processed. Otherwise, you are required to present the original payment slip from the Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) and/or Bank Counter should you wish for Enagic® to proceed with the registration on the same day.

We also accepts credit card payments; SINGLE and INSTALLMENT PLAN for selected banks and tenure of months only.

Enagic Malaysia accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard and Union Pay to be swipe in the office and Visa and MasterCard only through Mail Order Form for all the SINGLE PAYMENT. As for the INSTALLMENT PLAN, we offer zero (0) interest rate for all transactions and only local card bearing Visa and MasterCard are acceptable. You may either opt for EPP, DCR and Mail Order Form should you not able to have the card to be physically swipe in the office.

For those purchasers who does not own a single credit card, Enagic® offers installment scheme through your CIMB Bank account only (E-Payment) for selected number of months. However, there are several documentations and terms and conditions for you to adhere with.

Regardless, to have a better understanding, you may refer to the Enagic Malaysia Payment Method figure and contact your sponsor and Enagic® Customer Service Personnel for more information. Each payment scheme shall have different sets of procedures, number of months and terms and conditions to be referred with.

Thank you
Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd

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