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Towards a Sustainable Future

Effectively from January 2020, Enagic Malaysia will cease the usage of plastic bags entirely and start charging for our woven bags. You are encouraged to bring along your recycle bag(s) as an effort to avoid the usage of single-use plastics.

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NOTICE | Hong Leong Bank Reader

Effectively from December 2019, distributors may now request a Hong Leong Bank's MPOS device (FP Lighthouse Reader) as to facilitate their business activities. No rental fee is required. For further information, kindly refer to MPOS (FP Lighthouse Merchant Guide HLB) and…

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NOTICE | CIMB Plug n Pay

Enagic Malaysia has successfully obtained approval to waive any rental fee incurred effectively from December 2019 onward. Deposit RM300.00  For further information, kindly refer to MPOS (CIMB Plug&Pay) and updated MPOS Device Request Form which is now available on our website;

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Enagic Set of Policies (4th Edition)

The UKON's Collection Policy has been revised as such: Products automatically forfeited by default after two (2) months from date of purchase The new edition shall be incorporated automatically into the agreement effectively on January 1st, 2020. The Enagic Set…

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